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porticulis's Journal

16 February 1985
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Porticulis, The Black- listed One
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User Number: 3878226
Date Created:20/7/2004
Number of Posts: 1177

[Level: Ultimate ] [Attribute: Virus] [Type: Fanboy] [Evolution: (Mega Level) Tyra no Ursa X]
Internet Pirate/ Treasure Hunter and Slash Cardinal of Blug, this summon swigs Sprite from his hip flask to initiate his special attacks. Preys on Bishies and susceptible innocents as the source of his dread powers.
Strengths: Atk/ **** Def/**** (Porticulis' attack and defence are equal to X000 where X is the total number of Bishies all players have in their graveyards.)
Weaknesses: This summon cannot attack if your opponent does not control a bishie on his field.
Special Skills: OmniSlash; End In Innuendo
Weapons: Slash Canon; D- Sabre
Quote: "In your face . . . and other choice areas you might like . . ."

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